Why should you stage?

A staged home slows down buyers during the touring process and helps them to recall the listing long after the tour ends. It also helps potential buyers move in mentally, allowing them to imagine themselves living in the space. In the home’s sales literature, a staged home photographs much better than a vacant or a non-staged, lived-in home. With proper editing and our professional touch, photographs will appeal to a broader range of buyers. Staging also moves buyers to open houses and increases foot traffic. An other thought to consider? The cost of staging is always less than the cost of your first price reduction. Staging is a great investment for sellers who are looking to sell quickly and for more money. A staged home also usually sells about twice as fast as a non-staged home and frequently for as much as 15% more!



What do we do? 

We create an environment in your home that illustrates what a wonderful place it is to live! With our objective eye we can edit your furnishings to maximize space and light and minimize the clutter. If you have an empty house, we will fill it with beautiful furniture and accessories arranged in a realistic, identifiable manner to add warmth and bring it to life. All furniture and accessories will be specifically selected for your home to create an inviting space that buyers can identify with. In addition, our established relationships with artists and galleries in Austin enable us to provide top quality original artwork in your home for an even greater impact.





For an occupied home, on the initial visit we take a series of photos to formulate a complete To-Do list, which will be provided for the homeowner to complete on their own, or with our help if needed. The list will include a room by room report with any recommended  a la carte rental items and applicable prices and fees. We bill this service at $75 an hour, with most reports requiring 2 hours.

For an unoccupied home, we will provide a complete itemized list and photos of furniture and accessories we think will maximize the appeal of your home to the broadest spectrum of buyers. All staging fees are based on a small percentage of the retail value of the items installed, plus the design and moving costs.  Once a budget is agreed upon, we handle delivery and placement of all furniture, accessories and art.  We normally recommend staging the main living room, dining room and master bedroom, plus any first impression areas. All contracts are 30 days, then month to month if needed.